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Heart Cookies

Real Ingredients. No Preservatives

Let us help you show your love and appreciation for others this Valentine's day, from homemade strawberry cupcakes to frosting dipped matchbox sugar cookies, we have something for your sweetheart!

Made with love, as always, without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to current business regulations we are unable to ship products via mail. Please email us with any delivery or large order inquiries

C     kies & Treats

Homemade Jellies

Pomegranate Jelly - Freshly made with sweet and tart pomegranate juice - jam packed with antioxidants! $6 per jar LIMITED SUPPLY!

Jalapeño Jelly - Is there a better flavor combination in history than sweet and spicy? $5 per jar.

Salted Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pecan

$4 for 6 $7 for 12

Daisy triple dog dares you to eat  just one! 


Lots of wholesome ingredients combine to create this chocolatey, sweet, salty, nutty perfection, including oats, 6O% cocoa chocolate chips, pecans, pure vanilla, and a touch of kosher salt.

Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodles

$4 for 6 $7 for 12

These are daisy’s favorite - crisp on the outside, yet chewy on the inside with besties, cinnamon and sugar swirled throughout.


$12 for 6, $22 for 12, $30 for a full cake

Made with real strawberries and topped with a delicious light and fluffy cream cheese frosting.

We also have cutie Quarantine cupcakes!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

10 inch - $18, Mini - $4

Delectably dense yet still light and fluffy, tastes like a chocolate cake, brownie, and Mexican hot chocolate had a baby!

Spring Hummingbird Cake


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Carrot Coconut Bread

Whole loaf for $12

A spring favorite! Delicious play on carrot cake with the spices you love and coconut and yogurt baked in to keep it moist!

Bananas for Banana Bread

Whole loaf for $12

Banana nut bread is still a farm favorite. Just like mom used to make, moist buttery and delicious! Fresh bananas and pecans straight from the tree make this the perfect pair with a morning cup of tea or coffee.

Poppy Sote (an El Paso fav)

Whole loaf for $12

Citrus and poppy seed pair up to create a moist and flavorful bread glazed right out of the oven! (Warning: Daisy says it's addictive!)

Zucchini Pecan Loaf

Whole loaf for $12

This has quickly become a crowd favorite! Moist and slightly sweet with crunchy pecans.

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Daisy and Me Farms is a gourmet bakery specializing in homemade cookies and breads with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. For inquiries or orders please fill in the form below

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